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High Life and a Roast Goat sandwich at Cochon Butcher

This site contains the cocktail related chronicles of Tom (that’s me!), a Brooklyn-based imbiber with an affinity for alcohol and alliteration.

I went to school for Engineering Physics, and so naturally I work in Finance. Up until two years ago, I drank beer, whiskey, wine, more beer, and the occasional beer. But after my friend took me to Weather Up, the first real cocktail bar I’d ever been to, I got hooked. I can’t tell you what I drank, only that I loved it.

Over the last couple years, I’ve built up my knowledge thanks to a number of incredible friends, bartenders and books that are too numerous to mention. To that end, I’m “giving back” and trying to add to the public knowledge base on some of the less covered topics out there. And eggs. Eggs are the best thing ever.


e-mail: Tom@DrinkAwayTime.com

twitter: @DrinkAwayTime


2 responses

17 04 2011

I’m thinking either your father dropped you on his head when you were young or maybe your father is a loon and you inherited his genes?

24 09 2013
david f

I vote for loon

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